Episode 5.9
20 November 1990

Writer Nick Whitby
Director Graeme Harper

Laura and Rocky have been given the task of tailing Victor Howells, a young man who has just been released from prison. He is described by Ken’s client, Mr Pollock, as “a vindictive and disturbed man” and is expected to try to attack Mr Pollock’s client who wants to remain anonymous. Pollock won’t even reveal his client’s exact address but wants 24-hour surveillance so he will know if Howells goes anywhere in the same district. Howells sees Laura and Rocky, so, with their cover blown, they try the direct approach and talk to him, telling him that they have no idea why they have been asked to follow him. Howells tells them that he was imprisoned for stealing watches from a jeweller, Mr Sinton, although he claims that Sinton framed him for the theft. The three of them plan to flush Sinton into the open by warning Pollock that Howells has given them the slip. They soon discover that Pollock and Sinton are one and the same! They lure him to a deserted boathouse where Howells confronts Sinton. Laura and Rocky record Sinton’s confession.

Gabby McKintosh, the owner of a motorbike shop, enlists Ken’s help to recover an £8500 BMW motorbike that he sold to a customer who has given him a fake name and bank details, and has now defaulted on the loan payments. The bike has been seen outside a bikers’ cafe. Ken dresses up in leathers and an ear-ring, and goes undercover, posing as a Hells Angel. He says that he wants to sell his bike in a hurry. He meets Joe, Mo and Lolita who run a bike business out of workshops in a railway arch. He admits that the bike is stolen, reasoning that anyone who wants to buy a distinctive bike like his, knowing that it is stolen, must have ways of making false plates and documentation. He tells them that he’d rather keep the bike than sell it, but he must have a new ID for it.

Joe introduces Ken to Steve McLaughlin who can arrange false documentation. By noting the mileage on Joe’s bike, Ken traces McLaughlin to a disused army camp. Ken and Harry break in and find Gabby’s bike. However they also uncover a major operation printing forged tax disks and vehicle registration documents. Ken repossesses the bike, with McLaughlin in pursuit. Back at Gabby’s garage, McLaughlin bursts in and buys the bike back – evidently the bike is worth more than mere money. Ken suspects that something is hidden in its fuel tank. He returns to the army camp and overhears McLaughlin briefing Joe, Mo, Lolita and several other bikers: evidently he is planning to take the stolen bikes out of the country. While McLaughlin is out of the shed, Ken tells the bikers that they are being used as couriers for forged currency that McLaughlin is printing. They confront McLaughlin when he returns, at which point the police arrive. McLaughlin escapes in his American sports car but is soon re-captured.

Joe Phil Daniels
Lolita Buster Bloodvessle
Mo Emma Rice
Victor Howells Stephen Persaud
Gabby McKintosh Dave Atkins
Tenant Trevor Butler
Stall Owner Al Fiorentini
Mr Pollock/Sinton Malcolm Sinclair
Proprietor of Bikers’ Café Ron Tarr
Ambulanceman Colin Spaull
Ambulancewoman Donna Smith
Smudger Oliver Smith
Steve McLaughlin Pete Postlethwaite
Werewolf Shend