Episode 1.11
10 March 1983

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Contestants Carole Becker and husband Paul, respectively PA and wine bar manager from London
Start Position Harbour near commercial district
Clue 1 Look for two 9.5 inch guns on Blakang Mati, now re-christened Tranquility, and about a kilometre away you’ll see some grounded aircraft. In the one that dropped leaflets on Singapore you will find your clue with a wartime flying helmet. 1
Leads to Sentosa – in WW2 flying helmet in Dakota
Clue 2 Mad Ridley’s activities are suitably commemorated beside a lake with a little island. You’ll eventually understand why we left a pair of gloves in a tree for you, but you will have to cadge a lift to the nearest gate. 2
Leads to Singapore Botanic Gardens – pair of gloves in rubber tree
Clue 3 In gardens with a white Discobulos and two Sumo wrestlers are kangaroos and tigers. You must go through the Grotto of the Eight Immortals and up to Trengganu’s Turtle to find a clue under his chin. 3
Leads to Tiger Balm Gardens – on statue of turtle by Grotto of Eight Immortals
Clue 4 From the Pagoda in the style of the Ling Ku Temple, turn right after “stepping on stones in search of beauty” and soon you will see some orchids on the rocky wall beyond the pool. But you must go and get them to win the prize. 4
Leads to Chinese Gardens
Clue 5 not revealed
Leads to Jurong Falls
Result The contestants ran out of time on the way to clue 5 and only won £200.

The cameraman was Jean-Yves Lemener (instead of Graham Berry), the video engineer was Bruno Delattre (instead of Frank Meyburgh) and the military helicopter was flown by Captain Chan (instead of Keith Thompson). There was a second crewman in the helicopter, but he was not identified.
1 The island of Blakang Mati was re-named Sentosa, meaning Tranquility. Annie spots the four historic aircraft from the air, lands and asks a patrolman which of them dropped leaflets on Singapore during WW2. He directs her towards a Gloster Meteor, but Kenneth suggests trying “the biggest one”, the Dakota. Annie first tries to enter via the nosewheel hatch but then finds the proper door. With a push from Bruno she climbs inside and finds the clue on a helmet in the cockpit.
2 H N Ridley, known as ‘Mad Ridley’, took rubber tree seeds from Kew Gardens to Malaysia in 1877, and is commemorated in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The helicopter lands on open ground a short way from the park, and Annie and the crew hitch a lift on a pickup truck to the entrance. Once inside, the contestants tell her that she should look for a tree but don’t tell her which one. She eventually finds a pair of rubber gloves hanging in the tree next to the plaque commemorating Ridley.
3 The helicopter lands beside the road next to the entrance to Tiger Balm Gardens. Once inside, Annie gets lost but eventually finds the clue on a huge statue of a turtle.
4 Although they send Annie in the right direction, Carole and Paul realise that they are running out of time. “Could you borrow a rocket, Annie?” suggests Carole.