Episode 1.3
13 January 1983

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Contestants Phil Green, Department of Health and Social Security civil servant living in Selsdon and working in London, and his wife Janet, housewife and part-time vicar’s secretary 1
Start Position Kentwell Hall, near Long Melford
Clue 1 He lived and worked in Bath, painted many portraits, but he was born nearby, and there you will see a painting of a church and get a clue near a three-dimensional horse. 2
Leads to Sudbury – card under statue of horse in Gainsborough’s house
Clue 2 Behind a tabletomb in the churchyard by the Deanery is something Gainsborough would have liked to paint. 3
Leads to St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh – blue ribbon on flat-topped tomb in churchyard
Clue 3 Two were Millers’ boys, two painted portraits and all painted horses. The clue is pinned to something pink, which is really red, where one of them worked. 4
Leads to Sir Alfred Munnings Art Museum, Castle House, Dedham – on huntsman’s coat in artist’s studio
Clue 4 Stand where the other miller’s boy stood to paint The Haywain and his neighbour’s house, and your treasure is a mahlstick concealed on your left by a gate. 5
Leads to Flatford Mill, East Bergholt – a painter’s ‘mahlstick’ in a hedge by a gate by Willy Lott’s Cottage
Clue 5 Three bells must ring where the neighbour is buried to win the final treasure. 6
Leads to St Mary’s Church, East Bergholt – ringing church bells
Result The contestants won the treasure with 40 seconds to spare

Ann Meo gives Kenneth a ticking off when she appears with the clues at the start of the programme. “You forgot to tell them that they’ve got 45 minutes to complete the course,” she says. “Don’t be so bossy!” Kenneth retorts.
1 In the intro, Janet says that she works for “a liquor of a south London church” (she means ‘vicar’) – a slip Kenneth quickly seizes upon.
2 The artist Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury. Annie lands in a cricket pitch and asks one of the players for directions to the town centre. It’s a long run. She asks several others the way to Gainsborough’s house as she runs through the streets, but most aren’t very helpful. Two workmen finally point it out to her.
3 A painting of St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh, hangs on the wall opposite clue 1.
4 Munnings and Constable were millers’ boys, and Munnings and Gainsborough painted portraits. Red riding jackets used in fox hunting are known as ‘hunting pink’.
5 A ‘mahlstick’ is used to support the hand when painting.
6 The vicar runs with Annie and shows her the 15th century wooden building containing the bells. Bell ringers are waiting and sound the bells when she arrives.