Episode 2.9
1 March 1984

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Contestants Terry Hickman and work colleague John Willis, police officers from Kidderminster
Description of the Treasure A silver brooch of an animal
Start Position St Mawes Castle
Clue 1 Opposite a place with the same name as a Dutch port, a storybook toad emerged. Find letters to a mouse and register the date. 1
Leads to Falmouth – in the May 1907 register of the Greenbank Hotel
Clue 2 West of an NT maze is a creek where the Walrus and the Carpenter would have had a feast. The biggest native holds the clue.
Leads to Porth Navas – in oyster shell in Duchy of Cornwall oyster farm
Clue 3 At the station on the hilly down line, find a way among tracks and signals up the No 3 ascender and consult the ultimate waveguide. 2
Leads to Goonhilly Downs – on waveguide of no 3 dish aerial
Clue 4 In a Seahawk in a Seahawk in a Seahawk.
Leads to RNAS Culdrose, Helston – inside plastic model of a Seahawk in cockpit of Seahawk aircraft in Royal Naval aircraft museum 3
Clue 5 A course in a place akin to Greek will help you understand the treatment of Halichoerus Grypus. The treasure lies deep among the weanlings. 4, 5
Leads to Gweek seal sanctuary – seal pendant attached to a brick at bottom of weanlings pool
Result The contestants won the treasure with 19 seconds to spare

1 Two letters beginning ‘Dear Mouse’, and dated 10 and 23 May 1907, by ‘Wind In the Willows’ author Kenneth Grahame, are displayed in the hotel foyer.
2 A Goonhilly Downs engineer runs with Annie to the no 3 ascender (dish aerial) and leads her inside. He explains that the waveguide is used to feed the signal from the aerial, but the contestants instruct Annie to look for a copy of the Radio Times or TV Times magazines.
3 Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose is also known as HMS Seahawk.
4 ‘Halichoerus Grypus’ is the grey seal
5 Annie has to remove her comms pack and dive into the pool to retrieve the clue. Terry (or maybe John) chirpily instructs her to “Dive in. Go on. Get wet. In you splash.