Episode 5.3
26 February 1987

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Contestants Carole Freeman, psychiatric nurse, and Alan Reid, ‘special school’ deputy headmaster; both from Nottingham.
Hint to the Treasure Yo Ho Ho
Start Position Cape Cornwall
Clue 1 Use the Elder Brethren’s Viking transport to reach Juliet’s goodnight setting and a billet-doux by the lantern.
Leads to Longships Lighthouse – on lantern
Clue 2 Where an Italian masterminded an aerial message, seek out a Greek setting and an Austrian who knows the score.
Leads to Minack Theatre – with ‘Mozart’ in a preview of ‘Amadeus’
Clue 3 Where Tom lost Jerry, look in the biggest pot for a dancer in the Mock Turtle’s quadrille.
Leads to Mousehole – in a display of seafood in the Lobster Pot restaurant
Clue 4 At the lofty link between Sept 29th and a High Street store, join the chase for a letter-writing duke.
Leads to St Michael’s Mount – behind a portrait of the Duke of Albermarle in the Chevy Chase room
Clue 5 A Barbara harbourer, a beach for a Leach, and turf by the surf. Get on board for the hoard.
Leads to St Ives – Annie has to swim out to a Jolly Roger flag off Porthmeor surf beach
Result The contestants won the treasure with 38 seconds to spare